Gretchen D. Holland, Trustee
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Documents and Forms

ATTENTION: When submitting documents to our office, please make sure you have removed or hidden all personally identifiable information, especially Social Security Numbers, minor children’s names, and dates of birth. Please submit all case-related documents by email, as PDF attachments, to this address: It is not necessary to send a copy of the email to any other recipient at the office.

For Debtor Attorneys:

Attorney Checklist (PDF)

* Attorney Checklist (Microsoft Word)

Business Questionnaire

Debtor Authorization Form

Profit and Loss Statement Form

Wage Order Authorization Form

Projected Business Budget Form

Supplemental Fee Requests
Supplemental Fee Amounts for Purposes of SC LBR 2016-1(b)(2)(A)
  1. General bankruptcy matters form
  2. Loss mitigation or mortgage loan modification work Judges Duncan and Burris

* Chapter 13 Form Plan (Exhibit A to Local Rule 3015-1)

Notice of Plan Modification BEFORE Confirmation (Exhibit A to Local Rule 3015-2)

Notice of Plan Modification AFTER Confirmation (Exhibit B to Local Rule 3015-2)

PRE-Confirmation Modification to Plan for the Sole Purpose of Increasing Payments and/or Distribution (Exhibit C-1 to Local Rule 3015-2)

POST-Confirmation Modification to Plan for the Sole Purpose of Increasing Payments and/or Distribution (Exhibit C-2 to Local Rule 3015-2)

* PPSC (Certification Regarding Domestic Support Obligations – Exhibit A to Local Rule 3015-3)

For Creditors:

Proof of Claim

Proof of Claim Mortgage Attachment

Arrearage Statement

Deficiency Statement Form

Mortgage Creditor Report

* Documents provided as DOC files, which must be opened with a word processing program, such as Microsoft Office.

To view the PDF forms and documents on this page, you must have Adobe Reader or similar PDF reader installed.
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